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Welcome to my gallery. Here you will find my many custom characters inspired by many things from movies, music, pictures etc.

Mostly dragons, like Spyro, wolves, and ponies, for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and even Pokemon.

You will also find a few stories I've done on the side. Ranging from vore stories to stories diving deeper into a character's back story, to birthday stories for my friends.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy.


Sweet childhood memories by Neronai Sweet childhood memories :iconneronai:Neronai 79 17 Queen Glory by xTheDragonRebornx Queen Glory :iconxthedragonrebornx:xTheDragonRebornx 164 30 Volando by LagartuzMEMS1998 Volando :iconlagartuzmems1998:LagartuzMEMS1998 9 6 Wings of Fire - Baby Jade Winglet by Biohazardia Wings of Fire - Baby Jade Winglet :iconbiohazardia:Biohazardia 129 20 Jade Winglet by RayRiver Jade Winglet :iconrayriver:RayRiver 3 0 [DarknessOfDragons SPOILERS] Vultures in the Skies by xTheDragonRebornx [DarknessOfDragons SPOILERS] Vultures in the Skies :iconxthedragonrebornx:xTheDragonRebornx 348 94 I'm Frozen by LagartuzMEMS1998 I'm Frozen :iconlagartuzmems1998:LagartuzMEMS1998 11 8 Curiosity by FigoFox Curiosity :iconfigofox:FigoFox 82 28 Full Dragon Illustration by Artistlizard101 Full Dragon Illustration :iconartistlizard101:Artistlizard101 141 40 The tale of Dust and Fidget: Comm for Azulatios by streetdragon95 The tale of Dust and Fidget: Comm for Azulatios :iconstreetdragon95:streetdragon95 76 17 Cactus the Sandwing recreation by MrKeybladeMaster1992 Cactus the Sandwing recreation :iconmrkeyblademaster1992:MrKeybladeMaster1992 2 21 Diamond Trials Collaboration by xTheDragonRebornx Diamond Trials Collaboration :iconxthedragonrebornx:xTheDragonRebornx 428 74 For The Skywings Collaboration by xTheDragonRebornx For The Skywings Collaboration :iconxthedragonrebornx:xTheDragonRebornx 186 27 Darkstalker Legends Poster by xTheDragonRebornx Darkstalker Legends Poster :iconxthedragonrebornx:xTheDragonRebornx 268 63 SpyCyn: You are Worth a Chance by HedgehogNinja94 SpyCyn: You are Worth a Chance :iconhedgehogninja94:HedgehogNinja94 9 1 But I'm the Bigwings by PoorOldDragon But I'm the Bigwings :iconpoorolddragon:PoorOldDragon 120 54
Welcome to my Favorites gallery. Here, you will find all sorts of things that I find cute, interesting, awesome, or any combination of the three.

In addition, you will also find some pictures involving Spyro the Dragon and friends, MLP characters, custom characters created by my friends, or other things I like. Thank you for visiting and have a nice day.


Mavrik is a character from another book series I've been reading, or rather just finished at the moment called the Dragonrider Chronicles by Nicole Conway which consists of four books.  Fledgling, Avion, Traitor, and Immortal.

Mavrik is the partner of the main character Jaevid Broadfeather.

Made with (… )
Blackheart the Nightwing Mudwing Hybrid
DISCLAIMER:  This character was inspired by the Wings of Fire book series, as well as by the rock band Joan Jett and the Blackhearts.

NAME:  Blackheart
AGE:  50
GENDER:  Female
SPECIES:  Nightwing/ Mudwing Hybrid.

Blackheart comes from a very interesting family.  Her mother was a Nightwing was exiled from the Night Kingdom, for not being able to keep up with the growing demands..  And her father...Well, her father was never around as she was growing up, he was always off on his own missions.

When Blackheart was in her teen years, she left home, because she really wasn't a huge fan of staying in one place.  She developed a wanderlust, but before that she would often sing, and she even sang alongside Safari on some occasions.  Her singing voice was a bit gravely, like the rock star Joan Jett, so she eventually decided that was the career she wanted to follow.  She sang almost every night, and when the war of Sandwing Succession started, she had to go into hiding.  She is primarily a Nightwing, so everyone just assumed she was a neutral party and nobody bothered her, and this was fine with her, and over those twenty years, she gathered up her own band of misfits an hybrids (some from the Scorpion Den, and some from various other places, and started a band.  None of them liked fighting and wanted nothing to do with the war.  They call themselves Blackheart and the Bat Wings, since almost all of the dragons she met had bat-like wings on their backs, and their icon looks similar in concept to the Eye of Onyx, but instead of it being dragon wings, the wings are modified to look like a bat's, and the center jewel is engraved with a black heart shsape.  Together they travel all over Pyrrhia, as well as other worlds and provide one-of-a-kind entertainment.

Her forte is mostly songs written and/or sung by female singers, like the aforementioned Joan Jett, but also Pat Benetar, Blondie, and even Nightwiish, or Lacuna Coil.

*She has made quite a name for herself, and has played at many venues all over Pyrrhia, and other worlds, including Jade Mountain Academy, after the war ended, the Sky Kingdom, and even a few places outside of Pyrrhia, including the Lost Continent, but because so little is known about that place, many dragons don't know if it's true.

It hasn't been all sunshine and rainbows though.  Blackheart eventuallly did meet her father, but he wasn't anything like what she had been told before.  Though, because she had never met him before, and had no way of knowing if her mom was telling the truth or not, she didn't set the bar too high, so she wasn't too disapointed.  They still got along though, but Blackheart never saw him again after leaving.  He was presumed dead.  Her mother also died of old age.  So Blackheart often plays in the new Night Village in the Rainforest to honor her memory (as that's where she set up her gravestone.)

Well versed in many instruments, which she learned to play from Safari.  Her favorite is a guitar, and she doesn't care if it's acoustic or electric, though she prefers electric because of its unique sound.
Because she is part Mudwing, her scales are thicker than a normal Nightwing's.  The mud also helps to heal her wounds or sore muscles after a long day of work.  She'll even rub mud on her throat to soothe her vocal cords.

No known weakness

THEME SONG:  Bad Reputation by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. (… )

Made with:…


trainman666's Profile Picture
Daryl Doan
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Greetings viewers. My name is Daryl E. Doan, but you may call me Train.
I am 27 years old and I have a dream to become a railroad engineer and travel the world on the rails.

You've only got one life, so live it to the fullest. Don't waste my time with llama emoticons, because you're only wasting your own time as well.

Please keep in mind that I have rules for visiting my channel and leaving comments.

1: I do not appreciate comments that contain profanity. I have no problem with it in general, but this is not the place for it. Please DO NOT leave comments that are rude, contain profanity, or even links to a naughty website. Comments containing those will be blocked instantly, and the user responsible will be blocked without warning.

2: Harassment of any kind, including spamming llama emoticons is not allowed here. Any user caught doing that will get one warning, and if it continues after that, the user will be reported to the authorities, and blocked from my channel. Also, please no comments of greeting in the comments section. I find those annoying, and I'd rather keep it clean, or at the very least have commission, RP, or other important tips there. Greetings are perfectly fine in the notes though.

3. I like all kinds of different styles or art, but I mostly thrive in stories and writing. I make a lot of custom character based on things I see, hear, or read. (Example, my character Smolder was inspired by a dragon statue I bought in Sacramento, CA). Please do not leave rude comments about my character because I cheat and use a Dragon Maker or character dress-up. I don't consider the character's look the art, but more of the bio I make up for them.

4. A three strikes rule will be implemented if a user is making me uncomfortable in various situations, minus the ones listed above. These circumstances can range for making me feel uncomfortable in RPs, asking really stupid questions with the answer right in front of them, or other situations I will consider minor. Three strikes, and the user is blocked for good.

4. I do not like llama badges, nor the llama emoticon, so I highly request that they not be given to me, or left in the comments. I feel they are a complete waste of time, and an insult to an artist like myself. I strongly prefer comments, as they means a lot more to me.
If you must give me a freaking llama, much as it pains me to say it, then fine. But DO NOT SHOVE IT IT IN MY FACE WITH THE FREAKING LLAMA EMOTICON!!

5. Trolls and bullies are NOT TOLERATED here, and anyone caught doing so will be blocked with only ONE warning. I don't mind being teased if I can have a laugh out of it too, but if I don't laugh or find it funny, then I will count it as trolling just of the sake of trolling and you WILL be blocked.

I also like to RP too, and I often include vore in said RPs.
I have rules for this as well.

1. If you wish to RP with me, please have a basic idea in mind and tell me what that idea, using as much details as possible, in a note. Details like what you want to happen, the characters it'll happen to or with, how it gets resolved (optional), and any other events in between (Events include games, vore, and other minor events. And if you want a villain, tell me what he/she plans to do and how he plans to accomplish it (optional). Once you have done that, I'll put in my two-cents worth and we'll refine the idea into something we can both work with.

2. Vore often comes up a lot when I RP with someone who happens to like it, and that's just fine with me. I like it when the predator keeps the victim save in his/her belly, or if it's done to allow them a nice place to sleep. Sometimes I will allow digestion if the victim is able to reform afterwards, and VERY RARELY will I allow the character to be digested and never return.

3. There is no limit to the number of characters you can play at one time in the RPs, so if you have a lot of characters, or if you want to RP as one of my many characters, feel free, but I urge you to read up on the bios of said characters before RPing as them. (if the character you want doesn't seem to have much of a bio, then feel free to wing it.

4. When I'm RPing, there will be a three-user limit, as anymore than that will make it a bit too confusing when I go to read it later. As many comments will seem to be out of place, and tough to find.

5. Have fun. This RP is as much mine as it is yours, so if you have something you want to happen in the RP, but I don't seen to be taking it in the direction you want, just let me know in any method you want and tell me the direction you want.

6. I will ONLY RP through journals, as I don't like keeping these fun RPs to myself, and I feel everyone should see the antics I have with my friends, while playing as these characters.

7. Most importantly. You do not have to have perfect grammar when RPing with me. It is appreciated and recommend that you have someone other than me look over it before you post it and make appropriate changes, but it's not necessary. As long as I can figure what you're trying to say, I have no problem with it. I WILL NOT tolerate foul language of any kind, any text that implies sexual innuendos, or links that take me to anything but the character in question you are RPing as, or if the link is related to the RP, such as a song or something.

8. When more than two people are RPing, please try not to get too far ahead of the others.

That's all the rules for RPs, but there's still one last thing to go over.

The rules for RPs also carry over into the vore story commissions.
As previously stated, I like to write stories. Often times it will be a vore story, but I will branch out if needed.
I do not usually charge for commissions or stories, so if you want me to write one for you, then let me know in a note, and I will do what I can.
Just like RPs, I WILL NOT allow NUDITY, SEXUAL INNUENDOS, UNBIRTH, OR GORE!! Vore is perfectly fine, as well as digestion (within reason), but it has to be through the MOUTH ONLY!!! The circumstances can be anything you want. Whether the predator is swallowing the victim to prevent further injury, giving the victim a warm place to sleep in its belly, or as part of a game.

If you do not wish to send me a note explaining what you want in the commission, you do not have to. It's just my preferred way of relaying such information.

My only price of commissions is that you tell me who your characters are, what they ill be doing, where they will be, why they are there, and when the event takes place. Though I can just work around having just the characters' name and the location and events.
However, please be advised that I may not get to it for a while after the request is made. I may have other projects going at the time, but I will still keep the note you send me for consideration.
I reserve the right to turn down any request/commission at any time, and I would strongly prefer to do something that both the commissioner and I can agree on, so that we can avoid fighting about it later. I want us both to be satisfied with the end product.

Also, I reserve the right to cancel any project request at any time. These reasons may include that the scenario was just too weird, the requestee is either making me uncomfortable, or I just don't feel I could do a good job with the request.

That is all. If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask me in either the comments below, or a note.
I've started hearing rumors on the internet about HD remakes of the classic Spyro the Dragon trilogy on PS1, and since the Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy did so well upon release, Activision is interested in doing it.  Now, I have all of the Spyro the Dragon games, minus the handheld ones, and I have loved every last one of them, and that includes the Legend of Spyro trilogy (which I'm also hoping gets an HD remaster eventuallly).

So when and if this DOES happen, TAKE MY MONEY!!

I love the purple dragon even though I didn't grow up with him, and I would absolutely love an HD remaster, even of the two bad ones.  And if they remake Enter the Dragonfly, let's hope it's done RIGHT and better.
  • Listening to: Game Music
  • Reading: The Wings of Fire series
  • Watching: Stuff.


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I'm glad you do.  I want you to know that when I made the comment on your other channel about the commissions, I meant to say YOU have some nice artwork.

I will admit I kind of cheat and use makers to create my many characters..  The real artwork is my descriptions of those characters.
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^-^ Hehe, well i do think that you can, it's worth a shot! Drawing a lot by your self helps improve your skills ^-^ so don't feel insecure about it. 
trainman666 Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I don't draw very well, which is why I prefer to use the character makers, and even though the options are limited, it has enough for what I'm going for.  thanks for the comment, but I don't think I'll be drawing much myself.
SnowyTheSnowFox Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Hey! I came accross your designs and i really love them, but i noticed that you use a lot of bases and dragon makers, so i wondered, do you draw? If you do, i'm sure you have a lot of talent! And i'd love to see it.
trainman666 Featured By Owner May 30, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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